photo of Hanz
JSB logoJohann Siegfried Busch, AKA 'Hanz' is a self taught photographer, digital artist, electronics innovator and website designer, who lives in Sanbornton, NH.

Combining an artistic eye, sensitivity for light in nature, and a technical mind, he re-presents the seasonal beauty of New Hampshire with fidelity and vibrancy. From the emerging growth of fiddle heads in the spring, and lush greenery of summer, to the colorful fall foliage and contrasting winter wonder, he seeks to awaken in others an appreciation for nature with a unique view of its beauty in a variety of forms.

Hanz enjoys going on adventures into the woods with a camera where he feels the most free and connected. In that state, he is able to experience the beauty timelessly and finds inspiration to capture it. He hopes to convey the same energy of awe and appreciation to others, understanding it as a sliver of light in a sea of frequencies.

Using simple equipment, Hanz enjoys shooting manually and making the adjustments himself, and sees that process as an art and science; finding balances and thresholds, like fine tuning a radio for optimal transmission, or mixing the ingredients just right when cooking a tasty meal.

In Hanz's work can be seen the fascinating shapes of carbon deposits on the glass of a wood stove, crystallized ice that resembles plant growth, the branching of a tree like a lightning strike, morning mist catching sun rays beaming through the trees, and the similarity of cloud shapes to the waves in water. He often photographs the dynamic movements of streams, with qualities of reflection and transparency, and shows that they can be incredible works of art by themselves.

Hanz knows very little Japanese, but one word he learned has really stayed with him, 'shi-jen', meaning 'nature' rather, the way nature happens effortlessly, such as the growth of hair, or a tree from the ground. It occurs of itself without our need to manipulate or force in any particular way. This is something he also hopes to communicate through his photography; that we too are part of nature, composed of the same elements, organically, intimately related.

“The energies coming from the sun (the x-rays and high frequencies) impinge on the Earth's atmosphere, and they cause thermal variations, they cause movements of winds, which is a lower form of energy than coming from the sun. These winds blow around the planet and on the surface of the planet are the oceans, and the winds impinge on the water, which is a more dense medium than the air, and waves are created. Finally, on the shore these waves create ripples on the sand which is the very densest of the mediums. So you can see how the higher energies of the sun are actually responsible for the ripples on the ocean floor.” - Callum Coats talking about the work of Viktor Schauberger

Hanz's work has been described as “absolutely stunning” and “pure enchantment”